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04 February 2010 @ 12:47 pm
Old resources  
This is a repost of the original resources post on my old icon journal brilliantlunacy. I don't use these very often, but may in the future...

I think its about time to get these out of my profile. Anyway, here's my list of resources:

Brushes, textures, patterns, etc.

seldomspeaking, le_mot_art, kekoah, envious_forms ,spiritcoda , somebodysaveme , evastefania , madika555, icanseeyou, cinnamonstreet, ohstarfish, wonderland, kisscontrol, angelfish_icons, mrs6, creamuts, meleada, hermyonegranger; , girlinabox, 77words, toybirds, regen, helium_icons, tentaphia , master_jinn, justfreefallin, crimemachine , tripface, arisubox, alaskanicons, xgraphicjunkie, ninis; , lilbrokenangel, shoegal_icons, alchemyblack, spell_caster18, seleneheart, ncis_freaky, lorienmaiden, hms_graphics, ildolce_icon, coffeeebreak, dbzmerciter2005, auctrix_icons, iiokua, spiffed_icon, cdg, scrapbookart, xonlyashesx, scotchh, sir, seldomspeaking, le_mot_art, kekoah, envious_forms, spiritcoda, hex_graphics, isiscaughey, facking_icons, lazypenguine, xonlyshesx, threeeyespei

Deviant Art users: NemisisDivina666, Kentsuke, Yingzae, Calajane, Goclo92

Icon Table Generator

Screencap sites:

inadream_caps, obsessive_caps, Daydreaming

TV Shows:

Lois & Clark the New Adventures of Superman
The Lois & Clark Archive

Doctor Who

Farscape Caps dot com
John & Aeryn


Ioan Gruffudd
Ioan Online

David Tennant
David Tennant dot com
David Tennant fan dot com

All other pics were taken from Yahoo.com or are ones that I have screencapped myself. :)

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